Data storage companies race to fulfill niche mandatories

by | Nov 11, 2014 | Business Continuity, Cloud & Hosting

Data storage companies can no longer compete on price

According to a recent blog post from The New York Times, data storage companies caught in the middle of a price war between Amazon and Google are racing to take claim of niches. For years, the two major companies have been competing to see who could offer the most services to customers, at the lowest price. Because smaller companies can’t offer the same low price, they are instead looking to hire staff that is well versed in specific industries and market services that are designed for those industries.

For example, the article explained, the company Box has hired staff trained in health care, media and entertainment, hospitality and retail. The goal is to provide niche services for those markets for a fee, with unlimited free storage. The point is to understand the industry well enough to know what the company needs to be storing online and to address their other needs as well.

It will work, the experts say, provided one of the big companies doesn’t decide to target that industry as well. Box co-founder and chief executive Aaron Levie stated that he believes that it’s safe to assume that Google isn’t going to be offering healthcare IT services. However, Google executives say industry-specific services are the wave of the future and that they just might do exactly that.

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