It’s proven that data protection services increase productivity

by | Jul 29, 2013 | Business Continuity

Did you know data protection services increase productivity?

A common misconception held by small businesses is that network security and ensuring data protection hurt productivity. Although many managers feel that data protection services are somewhat of a waste of time because it does not necessarily progress the company, most are surprised that data protection services increase productivity by allowing them to work more frequently from almost any location.

By not using data protection services and only backing up data on computers and backup tools at the office, companies are hurting their productivity because they are limiting the access they have to their data. If the data is only available in the office, then managers and employees must be in the office in order to work.

This does not take advantage of technology and ultimately puts restraints on a business’ productivity. By using cloud storage to backup and protect data, however, companies can access their data from any device with Internet capabilities, and therefore and work more often. In a recent debate over the relationship between data protection and business productivity conducted by The Guardian, one participant explained why this will become very important in the near future for businesses:

“By controlling security properly you can improve the productivity of your people. If we take security seriously, with proper identity management and access control, stopping people having to remember different passwords or log on multiple times, making it possible for people to work from their homes or the airport, then security is not the bad guy – it will enable you to embrace new ways of working.”

But if businesses think data protection services are limiting their productivity, then they will be reluctant to take advantage of this new development. There are several steps that employees must take to access their data, whether it’s entering a password or logging into their username, but the biggest step they must take is to enter the office. Because this has become the standard, companies do not even consider this to be a security step, but cloud computing and advanced data protection services will eliminate this step so employees can work from multiple locations, increasing the company’s productivity.

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