3 great reasons to think about your computer data storage

by | Mar 28, 2016 | Business Continuity

What does your business use for computer data storage?

Businesses can’t succeed without powerful solutions for computer data storage. Without secure, reliable methods for backing up data, you increase your risk of suffering irrevocable losses after an IT disaster.

If you get hit with crippling malware or if your computing devices sustain serious damage, you need readily available copies of your data. Quick data restoration allows you to resume business operations with as little financial loss as possible. The consequences of inadequate data backup include a damaged relationship with consumers and steep financial costs. You’ll lose sales and contracts and will need to spend more to compensate for the missing data; in some cases, as happened to a hospital in Los Angeles, you may need to pay off cyber criminals who are holding your data hostage through ransomware.

There are a variety of options available for computer data storage. Often, the best solution involves hybrid cloud technology, particularly superior platforms like the one offered by Datto. Hybrid solutions involve some combination of on-site storage with off-site storage in the cloud.

The following are three important reasons why hybrid cloud technology could work well for you:

1) Scalability.

Relying on data storage solutions with a cloud component gives you a greater capacity for growth. If your need for data storage substantially increases, cloud-based technology is usually cost-effective and helps you manage even a rapidly growing volume of data.

2) Flexibility.

When you adopt a hybrid cloud solution, you have different options for how to back up your data on-site and off-site, prioritizing the data based on various factors such as importance, confidentiality, and file size. Your hybrid storage solution will get tailored to your needs.

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3) Robust data recovery options.

Should you lose data, you’ll have easy access, via multiple devices, to the backups you need. Should your local data storage get compromised, copies of your data will stay safe off-site in the cloud. Cloud-based storage gives you greater protection against various IT problems, such as a cyber attack or a physical disaster, including floods and fires. A cloud-based solution can also help you meet regulatory requirements for maintaining secure records of certain kinds of data.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss using hybrid cloud technology for computer data storage. We will assist you with backing up your data in a secure, reliable and cost-effective way.

Dale Shulmistra is a Business Continuity Specialist at Invenio IT, responsible for shaping the company’s technology initiatives -- selecting, designing, implementing & supporting business continuity solutions to bolster client operational efficiencies and eliminate downtime.