Clinton email saga is a never-ending embarrassment

by | Jan 15, 2016 | Business Continuity

Just when you think the Clinton email scandal is over, it’s not.

In fact, things appear to be a whole lot worse when your IT department chooses to plead the 5th, rather than answer questions about the Clinton email arrangement. Yikes.

In addition, after months going head-to-head with one of the House Republican’s top investigators, Hilary Clinton has a new foe to take on– the House Science, Space and Technology Committee. This week the Science Chairman Lamar Smith launched his own probe into the Clinton email server.

Since the controversy broke about a year ago, Clinton was shielded to an extent by former Speaker John Boehner. During his tenure, he stopped several committee chairmen from pursuing investigations as it was believed that Boehner worried more investigations could interfere with that of the House Special Committee on Benghazi–and also appear to be melee.
That said, Boehner is now gone — and Speaker Paul Ryan is allowing more freedom (or shall we say authority) to committee chairmen so the Hilary Clinton email woes are about to get worse.
Smith is a Republican from the lone star state.  His investigation will focus on the companies involved with the Clinton server: Platte River, which housed Clinton’s server after she left State; Datto, which Platte River used as a backstop; and SECNAP, which provided cybersecurity for the server.

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Will we finally the truth about Benghazi? Maybe, maybe not. According to a Platte River employee, the Clinton email matter was some “shady shit.” And, while we don’t know just yet what will be found, we know time will tell.  Datto is known for protecting its clients’ data with  state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure–so high-tech that even when physical hardware is destroyed or there is some (dare I say) malicious activity, back ups can be restored instantly.

So, the moral of the story–if you are engaging in “shady shit” and want it to stay in the abyss of cyberspace, don’t use Datto (sorry, Hilary). For the best in backup and recovery, you got to get a Datto.

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