Devastating CA fires can teach us a lot

by | Jun 13, 2016 | Business Continuity

Using the CA fires are a firm warning.

By now, we have all heard about the fire that ravaged the hills of Calabasas that prompted large-scale evacuations and burned more than 500 acres. The good news is the fire was contained within 48 hours and no major incidents have been reported. Hundreds of firefighters fought the fast-moving fire and were successful in part because of favorable weather conditions.There’s a lot to be learned from the CA fires.

While the fire could have been much, much worse, there was still short and long-term damage. For starters, the fire had charred several power poles, knocking out power to nearly 700 homes and businesses. So, what can be learned from the CA fires?

  1. Everyone needs a Disaster Recovery Plan. Whether you live on a fault line, in the hurricane alley or none of the above, you need to plan for the unexpected. Mother Nature happens as do man-made disasters and when they rear their ugly heads, the majority of businesses that close will not reopen.
  2. Make sure you secure a backup work space.  Know how you will operate your business remotely, should you need to relocate. Consider which operations of your business you will be able to run should you not have access to your regular place of work. Define your business priorities by identifying your critical operations.
  3. Have access to an alternate power source. Power is often one of the first things that goes during a natural disaster. That said, generators as well as the latest in business continuity technology, such as the Datto DNA are musts.
  4. Make sure your insurance policy is thorough and up-to-date. Verify that you have the necessary endorsements (or add-on’s) for your business, that you understand the deductibles for which you will be responsible and that you have appropriate coverage limits. And, of course, set a calendar reminder to ensure policies are always renewed.

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Let the CA fires be a lesson. Contact us today for more information regarding disaster recovery and business continuity planning for your business.

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