Buying a Datto is good, but you need a great service too

by | Aug 24, 2015 | Business Continuity

Buying a Datto SIRIS: it’s only as good as the support that comes with it

Datto is an excellent BDR solution that boasts recovery of downed servers and lost data in minutes. Very impressive. And, if you already have a Datto SIRIS (or are considering one for that matter), you already know it’s the Porsche of backup and recovery. There really isn’t another solution that even comes close: If you can’t live without your data, you can’t live without buying a Datto SIRIS. While all that is true, having the right technology partner is just as important. Imagine ordering that fancy sports car online and then there’s nobody around to answer your questions or help you maximize its performance when it arrives at the dealer. No tune up, no nothing.  Not very cool. Well, this post was inspired by a few of our recent clients. See, they know you aren’t just buying a Datto — they each have had Datto for years and love the product, but were far less satisfied when it came to the service.  And, just like any technology (or car for that matter), it requires a level of ongoing maintenance. That said, a Datto SIRIS is an investment. So here are 3 tips to make sure you have the right technology partner for your business:

  • Work with a specialist. As you’ve probably figured out already, most Managed Service Providers are generalists. They offer the kitchen sink of solutions, which is nice in the fact that it may allow for some streamlining of communications and operations. However, it usually comes at a price. It’s impossible to “specialize” in everything. When selecting your technology partner, who you rely on for business continuity, you need to check them out! Look at their blog and website—what kind of information do they have about Datto? Have they published any resources to demonstrate they have thorough experience with the technology? Don’t settle for the a vendor; make sure you get an expert.
  • Make sure your partner is responsive. The Datto SIRIS is the ultimate in business continuity—the device virtually eliminates downtime, even if your hardware is physically destroyed. However, that may not be helpful if you need help or have a question and you’re unable to get in touch with your Managed Service Provider. Before selecting your technology partner, call them. Do they pick up? How long did it take for them to return your call? How about “after hours” emails? This is business continuity, so it’s imperative your partner understands urgency and consistently offers fast turnarounds.
  • Go with the best; go Elite. Datto has a tier system to rank its partners, with Elite as the highest level of distinction. Working with an Elite partner not only guarantees extensive experience with the Datto line of products, but it also ensures a higher-level of training, a hardware guarantee and insurance policy as well as access to the most competitive pricing.
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Remember you aren’t just buying a Datto – you are hiring a technology partner. If you have any questions about Datto or your current service, let us know. We have worked with Datto since the beginning and we’d be happy to help at any capacity.

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