5 big reasons you can’t have business continuity without Datto

by | Sep 22, 2015 | Business Continuity

Looking for business continuity without Datto? Keep looking.

There are countless “backup” options out there. However, what is the difference between merely backing up your business’ data and having the ultimate in business continuity? Read on for the 5 reasons business continuity without Datto isn’t business continuity at all.

1) Support for physical and virtual servers

Almost all businesses in all markets still have a mix of both physical and virtual servers. However, many of today’s so-called BDR solutions do not protect and restore both types of servers. If you want to ensure seamless protection, you need a single solution—case closed.

2) Hybrid Cloud Architecture

You want to back up your applications and data in the cloud. However, you also would like to recover quickly. With Datto, there is flexibility for local or cloud-based protection that can recover lost data and downed servers in :06 from a locally available image. If you aren’t using a hybrid approach, you are missing out.

3) Fixed and Predictable Pricing

If you are like us, then you hate surprises, especially when it comes to monthly cloud storage costs. Datto offers a fixed, predictable monthly invoice, regardless of data growth—can your current BDR partner offer you that? Just another reason why there is no business continuity without Datto.

4) SAAS Protection

The SaaS solution you are adopting for CRM, HR and other business requirements may be “disaster-proof” since they run on redundant cloud infrastructure. That said, you likely want separate protection for your SaaS data that is within your control for several reasons. For example, you may part ways with that vendor down the road or you may just want to protect against human error.

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5) Enterprise File Sync and Share

Business critical data is being created and accessed from more devices outside of the office each and every day. While mobile tools allow for convenience and productivity gains, data security is often put at risk. A comprehensive solution takes into account how businesses access files and will offer an enterprise file sync and share solution, which allow businesses to share, access and synchronize files from anywhere, using a desktop, laptop or mobile device, while avoiding a public, third-party cloud.

If you don’t have these things with your current back up provider, you really aren’t prepared for anything. Remember, there is no such thing as business continuity without Datto. Contact us – we’d love to hear from you.

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