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by | Oct 1, 2015 | Business Continuity

Looking for a Business Continuity solution and partner that will exceed expectations?

Invenio IT is a Business Continuity Firm located in NYC. We were founded back in 2001 and have been working to exceed Client expectations ever since. We are at the forefront of all things Business Continuity and offer our partners the latest innovations to keep their businesses safe and functional—no matter what (which is apropos as Hurricane Joaquin potentially makes its way up to our neck of the woods). We love what we do and our Clients love what we do for them. Here are a few words from one of our new Clients that has a business continuity solution with us:


When I began looking at backup solutions I wasn’t even thinking about a total BDR solution, I just wanted to be able to recover files when users accidentally deleted them. Our previous solution relied on an aging tape drive system which made recoveries difficult at best. Not only did the correct tape had to be found and mounted, a small amount of tapes meant that after 7 days you were out of luck. This coupled with the fact that our only offsite storage was a lunchbox taken home nightly with yesterday’s tape led me to look at a more modern business continuity solution.


There are many options in the SMB backup space, but Datto quickly rose to the top of my list, having many desirable options at a price point that even our CFO thought was reasonable. Datto partnered us with Invenio IT and we quickly began looking at our options. Invenio IT dove into what we needed out of a backup and BDR solution rather than trying to fit our business into the confines of an off the shelf system. After evaluating our needs Invenio IT proposed the Datto SIRIS 2 as a true business continuity solution.


Now, whenever I get the call that a file has gone missing, I know that I can have it back on the job quickly and without any headaches and should anything catastrophic occur, I sleep soundly knowing that we can recover our servers to new hardware in the event of a physical failure or even virtualize in the cloud until we get back on our feet.


Matthew Fex

IT Systems Administrator

Johnson Level & Tool


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Thanks, Matt. We love to receive emails like this. So, if you’re looking for the best in a business continuity solution and partner, look no further—just contact Invenio IT.

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