How to achieve the best business file sync and share system

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Business Continuity, Cloud & Hosting

What your business needs for a superior file sync and share system

In today’s digital business environment, people constantly need to work on files together—and they are constantly hopping from device to device. That’s why file sync and share (FSS) tools are so popular and necessary. In fact, effective collaboration and organizational productivity increasingly depend on broad user adoption of file sharing and synchronization.

3 key areas where consumer-based FSS options, like Dropbox, come up short for a business file sync and share system and can put you at risk:

1. Security and compliance. Popular consumer-class FSS utilities typically use public multi-tenant cloud infrastructure—so companies using them to share files can unintentionally violate regulatory mandates regarding protection of personally identifiable information (PII). This is because many consumer-class public cloud services are not sufficiently secure for use with sensitive and/or business-critical data.

2. Data backup and recovery. The files that users are currently collaborating on at any given time are obviously highly relevant to active business projects. So it’s important to quickly recover them if and when a disaster strikes. Recovery of active files, however, can be very slow and impractical in a work environment where employees all use their own personal accounts on consumer FSS utilities and important files get scattered across different public clouds.

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3. Archiving and e-discovery. There are also many cases when a business must be able to find old files relating to past projects—for example, when a similar project comes along or when legal action requires e-discovery. This discovery and recovery of older files can be particularly problematic when people use different personal FSS utilities. It may even be impossible to recover files in the personal FSS account of an employee who has left the company.

For these reasons and others, every company needs a business-appropriate solution for file sharing and synchronization. While there are several options for enterprise-quality file sync and share, there is about to be a revolutionary, new solution that will turn the category on its head. Stay tuned for the big announcement.

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