How to Choose the Best Backup Solution

by | Sep 4, 2013 | Business Continuity

What is the best backup solution for your business

When running a business, large or small, one must have a comprehensive solution to back up all their data. With a solution, one can avoid a host of problems that can cause a business and its employees plenty of headaches. Luckily, with this short guide, one can choose the best backup solution for their business.

What: When looking for a backup solution, one must first decide what they need to protect and what is not essential. Now, some IT professionals will need to back up their entire operating system while others may only need to save vital data. This first step will allow a business owner to decide how to approach their need and what to buy. Remember, every company is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Security: When looking to save data, some will need to take extra steps to make sure that it is safe. In other cases, a business will not worry too much as the data may not be essential. For this reason, before coming up with a fix, one must know how much security they need. One must keep in mind that a secure solution will have its drawbacks; it will be more difficult to carry out, and the business will spend more money in the process. Of course, if the data is vital, one should not fear spending more money or time to secure their data. Remember, with this resolution, some can take five minutes to protect their data while others will want to spend all day.

Often: Some IT staff members will want to save their data every day while others will want to follow a less rigorous schedule. Of course, this will depend on the sensitivity of the data and the amount the company is saving. Remember, when knowing how often to save data, one will be on their way to determining their need. After taking these three steps, one can decide what solution best fits their unique needs.

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External hard drive: When using an external HD, one can protect their data with ease. This is the perfect way for a small business to save pertinent data without spending a lot of money or time in the process. Of course, this is a time-consuming process and is not the best solution for a company with dozens of employees or a lot of data. When looking to save data every week, this is the ideal solution.

Server: A company that needs to back up a lot of files must consider buying a server. With a server, the business can save everything with ease. This is also an excellent idea for an organization that wants to back up data automatically. Without a doubt, this is the most comprehensive, albeit costly, solution for a company.

The cloud: Smaller companies with employees all over the world should research saving files in the cloud. When putting files on the Internet, the business can save money as the solution less expensive. Furthermore, this is a secure solution that allows a professional to protect the files with ease. Remember, when looking for a cost-effective and easy solution, one should put their data on the cloud.

When a company can determine what they need out of their data saving solution, they will have no trouble choosing the solution that fits their unique needs. Derek Whitney is blogging for Quik Teks. He enjoys blogging about new technology, cloud services, and business solutions.

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