Save your business – Backup and restore for price of a Mocha

by | Jun 11, 2015 | Business Continuity

Backup and restore your business. You can’t afford not to.

You may know technology can make you money, but it can save money as well. A few tech tips for your business, including how to backup and restore your data for as little as a few dollars a day.

Since the bubble burst and the stock market crashed in 2008, businesses seem to operate differently. More frugally. For most of us, gone are the annual increases for employees and a comfortable non-billable budget. Companies are on a mission to cut costs at seemingly any cost.

It’s understandable, the economy went from boom to bust in 18 months. The future seems uncertain and there is no appetite for unnecessary spending. In addition to keeping the headcount lean, a common place to scrimp is on technology. And, while it is true there are likely “toys” or upgrades that you may want vs. need, there are some things a business simply cannot afford to be without.

  1. E-commerce: According to a  Small Business Technology Survey conducted by the NSBA, 72% of business did not sell their products or services online, despite having a website. Whats more, very few small businesses understand the need to be mobile-friendly. As recently as 2013, only 18% of businesses reported to have a website optimized for the consumer on the go. Small businesses need to invest in this space quickly in order to compete with their bigger business competitors and capitalize on the way the media is consumed today. The good new is there are many resources to help “mobilize” you that won’t break the bank, such as: Duda and Womp Mobile
  2.  Cybersecurity: Large and small companies alike need to protect their data. The cyberhacking job at Sony may get more publicity, but criminals target companies of all sizes. And when a small business is victimized, it can have very serious implications. According to the NSBA’s 2013 technology survey, nearly half of all business owners have been victimized by a cyberattack. While most understand the risk, it is reported that less than a quarter of businesses seek the help of a professional. Cybersecurity is vital to the long-term health of any business and as hackers become more savvy, the need for protection only grows. SonicWALL devices offer advanced security features like Intrusion Prevention Services and Deep Packet Scanning at an affordable rate. These are features that aren’t offered on basic entry level firewalls and can save the organization time, money and frustration down the road.
  3. Business continuity: In addition to cybersecurity, data loss can occur from other sources such as human or technological errors as well as being on the wrong side of mother nature. And, while many business owners understand that downtime of any kind equals lost revenue, they continue to operate without a viable plan to backup and restore their data. Small businesses, in particular, tend to try and “make due” without investing in the proper technology or infrastructure. It is often believed that A) only bigger businesses need to protect their data and B) it simply isn’t in the budget. What small businesses don’t always realize is how costly of a choice that can be. And when they do, it can often be too late.
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How do you know if you need a backup and recovery solution? It’s quite simple. If you have a server and you have a business that relies on that information to generate or maintain revenue, then you need to have the technology in place to back up and restore that data— and, quickly. In addition to the out-of-pocket cost to recover data after an incident occurs, there is the cost of lost business and unhappy clients that often hurt businesses the most. According to Boston Computing Network’s Data Loss Statistics, more than half of businesses will shut down within six months of losing their data.

Now, as for the the budget concern. For a cup of coffee (OK, a fancy mocha-something from Starbucks), you can have a plan in place to backup and restore   your data as well as servers in the event of an emergency. There are now enterprise-quality business continuity solutions for those on a tight budget. For example, the Alto 2 by Datto is a solution that is available for around $100 a month–without any upfront costs. With the Alto 2, you and your business can be back up and running within minutes of those all too often and frustrating “technological mishaps”. The service is also scalable so it grows as you do.

While for some small business owners, spending money on technology may seem as appealing as ordering a hot soup during a summer heat wave, technology (or the lack thereof) can make or break you. These are just a few of the ways technology drive your business forward. So, go ahead, skip that Frappuccino—and invest it back into your business.

Tracy Rock is the Director of Marketing at Invenio IT. Tracy is responsible for all media-related initiatives as well as external communications—including, branding, public relations, promotions, advertising and social media. She is one busy lady and we are lucky to have her!