Don’t be a statistic. Get a backup and disaster recovery plan

by | Jun 12, 2015 | Business Continuity

Why all businesses need a backup and disaster recovery plan today

Though 2014 was one of the most exciting years for technology development, pundits have also coined it, “The Year of the Data Breach.” Because of this, reports about business IT security issues have reached everyone’s favorite evening news programs and news publications, causing smb owners and managers to think twice about their own backup and disaster recovery needs. By now, most professionals have been working with computers and laptops for quite some time and personally own at least one smart mobile device, allowing them to have a clear understanding of how machines and devices:

  • Transfer and store data,
  • Communicate through WiFi and Bluetooth,
  • Can become infected through rogue malware, apps or infected hardware storage devices like usb’s or external drives,
  • How crucial firewall is,
  • Whether they or their employees are really using safe mobile security practices, and
  • How much data and processing various sized machines and devices can handle, and whether they might need a little more server space for their own business needs

However, if you’ve never worked with an IT team, fear might cause you to sign up with the first team that makes you an offer. However, it’s best to take time to make the right decision, so you can feel good about it in the long run.

Though most IT professionals have the appropriate industry credentials, now more than ever, the industry is rich with financial opportunity; so it’s important to avoid fast talkers and make sure the team you choose can truly handle all of your business’ backup and disaster recovery needs, before signing the dotted line.


In addition to professionalism and a smooth and clear onboarding process, you should also ask to see your IT team’s backup and disaster recovery plan. When you ask, your manager shouldn’t just answer verbally, but should provide you with a documented plan that he or she can explain to you:

  • So that you understand exactly what measures they will take,
  • So that you know what to expect to happen during the disaster recovery process,
  • So that you know how to cope with the change and conduct business elsewhere during the process, and
  • So that you know exactly why the measures your IT team plans to take in case of an emergency, will keep your company safe from a data breach
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