5 absolute must haves for file sync and share for business

by | Mar 3, 2016 | Business Continuity, Cloud & Hosting

What every file sync and share for business needs to offer

Not all file sync and share systems were created equal, especially if you need a file sync and share for business.

In addition to offering the same any time/anywhere/any device file sharing and syncing as other popular FSS tools, it must host files on your company’s own on-prem backup device, rather than in the public cloud. This single difference dramatically transforms the way your employees share and synchronize files with each other—and with authorized people outside your company as well. Five other must-have benefits your file sync and share for business must offer:

1. Superior security and compliance. By hosting shared files on your own onprem device, your company can avoid one of the most common causes of inadvertent non-compliance with regulatory mandates regarding PII and other sensitive data. On-prem file hosting also eliminates the security risks associated with consumer FSS services that use insufficiently secure public clouds.

2. Reliable backup and recovery. By doing all your file sharing and syncing on your own on-prem device, you can make sure that all of your business-critical content is appropriately backed up, and synched to a secure Cloud. This reliable backup and recovery safeguards your company’s ability to keep operating without missing a beat—even if it is struck by a disaster, such as a total server failure or major weather event.

3. Business-class archiving and e-discovery. On-prem FSS hosting ensures your ability to retain and find the older files that you may need for your company’s future business and legal needs—regardless of whether the individuals who worked on those files are still with your company or not.

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4. Fast performance. You need a file sync and share for business system to be FAST–even when accessing it remotely. But on-site—which is where most file-based collaboration occurs—its local hosting must SIGNIFICANTLY out-perform public cloud services. Of course, this superior performance promotes collaboration and improves organizational productivity.

5. Total data protection. It makes sense that your file sync and share for business be tied to your overall data protection strategy, thus ensuring that the data is accounted for and secure at all times. You should try to seek a single partner that offers total data protection so there is clear accountability accountability.

Chances are your file sync and share for business does not currently do all of the above–no worries, it will. Big news will be revealed in the FSS space soon. Stay tuned or contact us for more information.

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