3 backup solutions for business you absolutely should know

by | Aug 23, 2016 | Business Continuity

Not all backup solutions for business are created equal. Do your homework.

While backup solutions for business are common enough within the industry, there are three that every small-to-medium sized business should know. The technology for each is unique so it is important that you get the facts and find the right solution for your business:

  1. Barracuda, for small businesses that require basic file/folder restore needs:

    Developers designed the Barracuda 890 backup appliance to provide large data storage capacity and strong security for a reasonable price. The device is easy to use and resides at the client’s site. This example of backup solutions for business works for both real and virtual environments. Barracuda 890, compatible with all server software, provides automatic backups (with version capability) that the client can schedule as often as every 15 minutes. For an additional annual fee, Barracuda offers automatic integration to the Cloud for offsite storage.

    Network data backs up on the local site and then transfers to the Cloud for disaster recovery purposes. Barracuda can restore a minor loss (like a deleted file) as soon as IT locates the file. However, if a server crashes, Barracuda can only restore data when the hardware is replaced. If a business is offline due to a major natural disaster, the client can only access network data through a working computer and connection to the internet. Barracuda’s Cloud LiveBoot will host critical applications in the Cloud while a client’s hardware is under restoration. Barracuda also provides next day replacement for disasters. In this circumstance, Barracuda will load the last system backup on a new computer and ship it out the next day.

  2. IDrive, for the small business on a budget:

    With no restriction on the number of machines, IDrive is another inexpensive choice from backup solutions for business. In addition, it is easy to use and includes online backup. Unfortunately, the three plans offered have restrictions based on the number of Gigabytes that the software allows for backups. For instance, the 10,000 GB plan allows for 1TB of syncing space. It is a cloud-based service so it has access to multiple servers making it flexible with respect to storage and traffic issues. You can schedule automatic backups daily or as often as every ten minutes for certain files.

    The company also provides a USB drive that can hold up to 1TB of data that you can use for backups at your site when you first buy the product. When you fill the drive up to the 1TB, you send it back to the company for uploading to the cloud system and from then on you must backup to the cloud. IDrive is compatible with all your devices, including MACs, PCs, iOS, and Android. You can pick which files you want restored and you can retrieve files through IDrive’s Web Client. You can also use the desktop version for restoring files which has a few more features than Web Client.

  3. Datto, for businesses who absolutely, positively, cannot ever have downtime:

    A leader in backup solutions for business and data recovery for small-to-medium sized businesses, the client-base is diverse, including verticals such as: engineering, healthcare, legal, finance and marketing. The business literally exploded over the last six years by providing the same quality backup solutions for small businesses that big corporations enjoy–at a fraction of the cost.

    The technology itself is unique. The backup system resides on the client’s site and in the Cloud. The system takes a snapshot of the IT network every five minutes. When there is a snafu, Datto can have a business back up and running in mere seconds. Reasonable monthly subscriptions are how customers buy Datto’s protection. Datto also charges an upfront charge based on how much data the client has on its system.

    Is it worth it? When Hurricane Sandy hit New York in 2012, Datto had Richmond Hill hedge fund’s system up and running within minutes. What’s more, the newest product, SIRIS 3, has a recovery time of six seconds. This hybrid recovery system combines customers convenience via on site backups with the reassurance that Cloud backup is available in case of unforeseen emergencies on site.

We hope this was helpful in outlining some of the differences between three of the popular business continuity solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. If you are interested in learning more, just contact us today.

Dale Shulmistra is a Business Continuity Specialist at Invenio IT, responsible for shaping the company’s technology initiatives -- selecting, designing, implementing & supporting business continuity solutions to bolster client operational efficiencies and eliminate downtime.