2016 Hurricane Season: Watch Out New York

by | Sep 15, 2016 | Business Continuity

2016 Hurricane Season is approaching the northeast. Will it be naughty or nice?

The 2016 hurricane season was predicted to be a one of the most active in nearly a decade. And, so far, the Atlantic has seen its share of fury. We are currently only midway through and there have been four hurricanes, eight tropical storms, and one additional tropical depression as of today. What’s fascinating is nearly every storm has made landfall this season versus drifting off into the sea.

What’s in store for the big apple?

So, while poor Florida and the surrounding states had Colin and Hermine, which made landfall within 50 miles of each other, New York and the northeast has gotten off pretty easy. We were put on high alert for Hermine, which turned out to be the storm that never arrived (yet was somehow still successful in ruining just about everyone’s Labor Day plans?!). That said, as we approach the anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, we know the threat is real and we still have half of the 2016 Hurricane season to survive.

Be Prepared for the Storm

We are just approaching the worst of the storm season in the northeast. And, it isn’t just residents that need to take precautions, it is businesses too. The truth is how well you prepare now will have a major impact on how well (or IF) your business survives later. For example, Superstorm Sandy taught all businesses a lesson on the importance of having a comprehensive total data protection plan in place–prior to a storm. Of businesses affected by Sandy, 74% had to close their doors for a period of time. Could your business afford that? Probably not.

The good news is there are a few things you can do make sure you, your data and your business are prepared. Here are the top three requirements of a backup that will beat any storm:

  1. Automated backup of all data and systems
  2. Lighting fast data recovery and instant failover
  3. Redundant data and system backups, local and cloud

If your backup and recovery solution does not meed the above criteria, it isn’t a valid safeguard against downtime be that from Hurricanes or any other disaster. Learn more about the latest in business continuity and protect your business today.

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Helpful Resources

In addition, we have included some resources to ensure you and your employees are prepared for the 2016 hurricane season in the northeast:

  1. Ready.gov  Here you will learn which actions to take when there is a hurricane watch or warning alert for your local area. You will also find useful tips on what to do before, during, and after the storm.
  2. Red Cross There are lots of valuable resources here, including a video that covers the necessities for a preparedness kit. In addition, they offer a really cool app that can help keep you safe during a hurricane as well as any other type of natural or manmade disaster. The app monitors conditions in your area or area of loved ones, checks to see if loved ones are safe as well as lets them know that you’re safe.
  3. ESFi This resource provides an easy-to-digest infographic with weather statistics as well as tools to prepare and recover from severe weather.
  4. Gleaning for the World  Receive a free disaster preparation e-book that shares important information to help prepare you to answer necessary questions like: do you have all all the documents needed for FEMA assistance? Where should you evacuate ahead of a hurricane? What should you do in the event of a health epidemic?
  5. CreditCards.com Tips that will help you save on preparedness essentials for both the office and the home.

Hurricane Season 2016 in the northeast is underway. Please make sure to keep yourself, your business and your employees safe. If you are in need of assistance with disaster recovery or business continuity planning, you can reach us here.

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