Good cloud server backup solutions offer promising future

by | Apr 28, 2016 | Cloud & Hosting

The truth about cloud server backup solutions.

According to a recent study from Kroll Ontrack, cloud-based server backup solutions are on the rise in popularity.

The study indicates that businesses increased their usage of cloud-based server backup solutions up to 23 percent. Business Cloud News reports that in the previous year, cloud backup technology was used by approximately 18 percent of businesses. The article notes that the Kroll study consisted of organizations that lost data in their respective data protection infrastructures.

While the study does report that a majority of backup systems are still using physical media as a part of their server backup solutions, physical storage has seen a decline. In this survey, 51 percent of respondents stated they use physical media, down from 68 percent in 2015

Robin England of Kroll Ontrack says that backing up information is only a portion of what companies should be considering regarding data loss prevention. One issue that he mentions is that the data backup infrastructure needs efficacy and accessibility.

“Storage devices pack more and more data into smaller and more complex systems,” England said. “This not only requires IT teams to dedicate significant time to actually back up the data, but requires even more time to verify the backups worked properly.”

Survey respondents indicated device failures, user errors and unexpected errors within the system as the largest risk factors in data protection.

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Cloud-based backup technology has grown in popularity because it is an efficient method to store data backups, specifically when there are limitations on a business’ technological resources.

CIO reports that backup protection under a single, uniform solution would offer more complete protection in both cloud-based storage and physical server backup solutions or a combination of both forms.

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