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FBI investigates new strain of ransomware wreaking havoc

According to Reuters, the FBI is seeking help from US firms as it investigates a new strain of ransomware. In case you haven’t been tuning into the news, cyber crime is at an all-time high. Ransomware is just one of the hot trends to wreak havoc. The premise behind the malware is simple; it encrypts data on infected machines and then asks for money before restoring access to information.

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Malware and iOS? No one is ever safe from disaster.

Yes, you have read correctly. Malware and iOS are getting to know one another. Thanks to Apple’s superior app vetting process, the ever-popular iPhones have been nearly impossible to penetrate in the past. That said, the security company Palo Alto Networks announced it found a Trojan that exploits flaws in Apple’s DRM, which has been coined as “AceDeceiver.”

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Why your business needs cloud-to-cloud backup.

As we move into the information era, data becomes a foundational element of business. Data is collected, stored, and analyzed allowing businesses to gain a new depth of insight into their customers and their habits with an endless amount of possibilities to grow their business in a smarter, more agile way. This data needs to be available around the clock to ensure the operational success of the business. Enter, cloud-to-cloud.

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Why we love being an elite Datto partner

In today’s world, there seems to be countess options for everything–from selecting a paint color to how you take your coffee–and the technology you select to support your business is no different. It can actually be overwhelming. The good news is we’ve already weeded through the lot and have hand-picked the best, which why we are a Datto partner.

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Improving Database Security in 3 Steps

Because most modern businesses are moving to cloud-based storage systems, online security has become a rising concern among many companies. While the idea of database security may seem complicated, there are several small things that you and your employees can do to make your online activities safer. Here are just some ways to improve:

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Law firm needs for IT are unique and need immediate care

As attorneys, you’re committed to providing your clients with the best legal advice and service possible. In order to do so, you recognize that in the world of law, time stops for no one. Court dates are appointed, not chosen. Contracts have deadlines. Client meetings are a must. Any type of power outage, therefore, is a huge threat. As a lawyer, you have a finite amount of time to build your case, gather materials, research, etc. Should an outage strike your firm as a result of a natural (or most likely man made) disaster during your last few days before court, it could be detrimental to the outcome of a case.

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