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Amazing reason business continuity standards never get a break

Summer is here. And, while there are certain industries that may let a little loose with the warmer weather–IT isn’t one of them. Clients do not lower their expectations when the temperatures rise, which means that business continuity standards do not change. IT professionals around the globe must fight the urge to unplug and hit the beach in order to keep businesses up and running.

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Did You Catch that impressive Datto Save of the Day?

If you were watching NBC on Saturday, you may have noticed the “Datto save of the day.” While Datto saves the day for businesses of all sizes, around the world, every day, this time we are talking sports–specifically beach volleyball. Datto, the innovative provider of comprehensive data backup, recovery and business continuity solutions, was an official sponsor of the AVP/FIVB Cincinnati Open at the Lindner Family Tennis Center in Mason, OH. The AVP/FIVB is the only Olympic Qualifier for Professional Beach Volleyball in the United States before the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro (check out the full press release here).

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Why it’s useful to know about Corporate Data Backup

In today’s business world, data is everything. Information is kept on things such as customers, transactions, marketing plans, strategies, assets, and employees. With more businesses using software for their day-to-day operations, it’s important to have contingencies in place when there is a disruption. These disruptions aren’t limited to the hackers or servers going down. Natural disasters, human error, and other factors contribute to data being compromised and potentially lost. This lost data is also lost time and money. This is where corporate data backup comes into play.

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Restore Datto backup to VMWare VSphere made easy

This article provides a step-by-step tutorial to restore Datto backup to VMWare VSphere using image export. We will walk you through the steps where you will export a backup as a VMDK, and move it back to a permanent storage location within the VMware vSphere environment. This method does not provide thin or sparse provisioning for the image file that is written to your VMWare storage.

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Adorable newborn with side of Datto and business continuity

Everything! And, my wife and I just learned this the hard way when we welcomed our first child into the world on April 12th. You see, when you have a baby, you need a backup plan, and a backup plan for that plan—especially if you want to leave the house! Ok, as a belated, shameless tribute for mother’s day (and my son), here are three ways having a newborn is related to Datto and business continuity:

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Introducing the amazing Datto Drive for file sync and share

There is high customer demand for file sync and share applications, especially as companies and their employees are working more away from the office–either due to increased work flexibility via telecommuting or the increased demand of being “always on”. And, in order to remain productive an effective file sync and share is a must. Sure “solutions” like Box and Dropbox exist, but they are either expensive or don’t offer the support that is needed for a business.

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Cloud Computing is Good, But Hybrid Cloud Computing is Best

Shopping through the aisles of the internet for help with your company’s data recovery options and cloud computing needs, can feel a little like being an ant in a Super Walmart. However, that’s no longer necessary as hybrid cloud computing has proven to be the way to go. Remember, running a small business shouldn’t have to mean running an inadequate one. Just because a company is operating on a smaller scale with limited resources, doesn’t mean it can’t enjoy the privileges and luxuries like the big guns in the game.

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