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Top 8 Business Continuity Threats That Thwart Productivity

We live in an uncertain world, and there are many threats out there that might disrupt your companies ability to do business. To help mitigate these threats, companies create business continuity plans. According to MIR3 Intelligent Notification, a business continuity plan is a strategy to get a business up and running as soon as possible in the event of some type of disruption. The first step of creating a business continuity plan is conducting a risk assessment. In a risk assessment, you try to think of every possible business continuity threat and attempt to devise a plan to get the business up and running again as soon as possible should one of these threats occur.

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Keep slashing your company’s cloud budget with 3 more tips

It’s logical to clean up unnecessary files after completing a project or task, right? Of course. But some people don’t think like this. Corporate storage space can seem endless to the employee. And many people are afraid of deleting something that they will need. This means your cloud budget goes up and up as your space is filled with redundancy and unneeded files. You develop retention and archive policies, but these are only part of the solution. Educating employees who have write access about what is expected is important. To truly keep the cloud budget down, you must foster a sense of personal responsibility for company resources and understanding of best practices at the user level. Here are 3 tips to do this.

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The big takeaway from XChange 2016 (it’s a bit frightening)

I always look forward to their conferences. It’s full of industry experts, sharing their thought-provoking insights. And, they also know how to throw a party (but this is a serious post, so we won’t focus on that today). Well, XChange 2016 was no different. In fact, this may have been my best experience to date. There were lots of hot topics covered (and I’m not just saying that because we were in San Antonio) and I was given the opportunity to lead one of the groups at the event.

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Slash Your Company’s Cloud Storage Pricing With These 3 Tips

With cloud storage pricing on the rise, your company relies on you to keep data organized, secure, properly retained and maintained. This is no easy feat. Cloud storage can very quickly get out of control, cluttered, seeming to grow exponentially month after month. Fear of removing documents critical to your company can paralyze you, afraid to act, but failure to act can mean gigs of redundancy, obsolete files and general chaos. Enough is enough. Let’s discuss 3 tips to managing cloud data storage to keep costs low.

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How to master backing up NAS to the Cloud. It’s easy.

Backing up data from a network attached storage (NAS) system poses special challenges. It holds a lot of data, and the backup has to have enough capacity for it.

You may be able to back up to a very large disk drive. If not, tape can handle even the largest storage systems. The drawback is that the backup is local. If a disaster strikes the office, will the backup survive? If malware hits, will attached disk drives be safe?

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Datto vs Dropbox: there’s a clear winner

There are many storage services currently available. Since so much of the world has gone digital, people have more and more files on their computers and mobile devices that they need to store. As such, storage providers are competing with one-another to provide the best possible services to those who need to be able to store large volumes of files. One option that recently hit the market is the Datto Drive, and they are showing they have a great deal to offer. Let’s take a look at what Datto vs Dropbox (the incumbent) is doing for today’s post…

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Datto vs Barracuda for BDR: only one can be the best

Commercial backup systems have come a long way from a reliance on tape decks and optical media. Today we require a lot from our backup systems.  They maintain data continuity, provide multiple layers of redundancy, backup entire file systems and secure it all behind strong encryption. The Datto SIRIS 3 and Barracuda represent two of the leading backup solutions on the market today.

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Datto SIRIS Cloud Storage #1 in safety and ironclad security

It’s easy to forget about the importance of business continuity. When your IT systems are working fine, it’s difficult to envision a disaster that shuts everything down. Now, there are more ways than ever for a business to be severely impacted. There seems to be an endless supply of: cybercriminals, natural disasters, hackers, disgruntled former employees, equipment failure, and maybe even unethical competitors. Datto SIRIS Cloud Storage provides a business continuity solution that preempts any disaster that might affect your IT system. When your business is protected by Datto, you can rest easy knowing your business data is protected.

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Beyond criminal, what is the ransomware definition?

There are many types of viruses and malware that can invade a computer system. However, there is one that is far more devious that most of these types of invasive software. Many people referred to this type of software as ransomware. The Ransomware definition is a type of malicious software that blocks many parts of a computer’s system. What makes this type of intrusion so unique is that it requires a payment to unblock the computer, often with a countdown timer displayed on the computer. Basically, the intruder infects a computer and then requires a ransom to restore it. If the ransom is not paid, all of the information stored on the computer can be wiped out completely.

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