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Beyond criminal, what is the ransomware definition?

There are many types of viruses and malware that can invade a computer system. However, there is one that is far more devious that most of these types of invasive software. Many people referred to this type of software as ransomware. The Ransomware definition is a type of malicious software that blocks many parts of a computer’s system. What makes this type of intrusion so unique is that it requires a payment to unblock the computer, often with a countdown timer displayed on the computer. Basically, the intruder infects a computer and then requires a ransom to restore it. If the ransom is not paid, all of the information stored on the computer can be wiped out completely.

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Use these 4 critical steps to CryptoLocker prevention today

CryptoLocker is a malware used by criminals to extort money from unsuspecting victims. And it’s one of the greatest concerns for many web users today. Once you become a victim, there’s is usually no easy way out. You are forced to pay or you can kiss your important data and documents goodbye. The most practical solution to this problem is CryptoLocker prevention. The rise of this malware is a genuine threat. Individuals with malicious intentions continue to use all means possible to gain access to personal computers and force the victims to click on Trojans which later leads to infection. Thankfully, there are several ways you can use to put cryptoLocker at bay:

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It’s a bad day when you say “malware encrypted my files”

Recently, a number of major sites were hit by malware ‘malvertising’. A number of major websites have seen their advertisements hijacked by these malicious campaigns which attempt to install “ransomware” on users’ computers.Security researchers from Malwarebytes say the attacks were targeted at US users. This recent attack included such entities as the New York Times, the BBC, AOL and the NFL. These sites have a combined traffic that reaches into the billions of visitors.

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Learn the colossal purpose of a business continuity plan now

When running a business, having a back-up plan for sensitive data is vital to ensure seamless continuity in your affairs. In fact, data loss is inevitable. According to our statistics, 20% of all companies will suffer from an event like a natural disaster or hardware failure annually which results in the loss of important data. Of the companies that experience this loss, 80% fail to recover and are out of business in little over a year.

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How to cope with a crazy high business Continuity Standard

According to the Disaster Recovery Benchmark, over half of organizations don’t have a documented business continuity plan. Interestingly, 20% of the organizations surveyed also reported having lost critical business applications in the past year. Moreover, almost 20% of respondents stated financial losses resulting from such outages ranged from $50,000 to over $5 million.

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Business continuity standard in healthcare is extremely high

The business continuity standard in healthcare is high. As a healthcare company, your patients are in your care. That said, you need to protect all their health-related information. This may include their health history as well as insurance and financial information. If any of this information becomes compromised, it can hinder your ability to deliver healthcare services as well as result in a hefty fine.

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Small business marketing is found critical for growth

For some, marketing is fun. It represents the chance to be creative and embrace your inner Don Draper. For others, marketing is an unfamiliar territory and can be overwhelming. That’s especially true among small business owners. Believe me–we get it. As technology people, marketing isn’t an innate skill. That said, it is imperative that every small business learn the nuts and bolts to ensure healthy growth and long-term success.

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Datto SIRIS 2 Review: A Smarter Data Recovery System

Today, most companies rely on data generated throughout the day. That said, if there is a system interruption of any kind, the whole business stops until the problem is solved. Medical offices are a prime example of a business that cannot afford to lose their data–even for a short period. Data needs to be backed up and quickly retrievable. But what system should be used?

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The sad truth behind the Microsoft LinkedIn acquisition

First, let’s address the notion that perhaps Microsoft will help address LinkedIn user experience issues. My guess is that it will not. I’m a Microsoft partner, who is very familiar with their CRM program. I’ve been actively using Microsoft Dynamics CRM since version 3 back in 2006–and every version since, up to and including CRM 2016.

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Countdown to the incredible DattoCon 2016 is officially on!

This is my 3rd Datto Conference and I cannot wait. Something tells me this is going to be the best one yet! This year, DattoCon 2016 is in Nashville, yeehaw! In addition to some, what will likely be overindulgence in: barbecue, beer and some bad @ss honky tonk, there are a ton of great speakers from Datto and their partners scheduled to tell us what the future of business continuity has in store. I’m really looking forward to the Executive Download, where you can ask the C-Levels of Datto anything you want and nothing is off limits. Ian’s Disaster Demo is always a good time as well.

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How to choose the best Business Continuity Professional

You’re successfully running your business. Everything is great, and nothing is running better than your top-notch IT department. But there are hidden threats lurking behind the scenes. Cybersecurity breaches, natural disasters, or simple human error can all damage – or even destroy – your business, simply through loss of data. That’s why you need a business continuity professional that can help you before the damage is done.

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Devastating CA fires can teach us a lot

By now, we have all heard about the fire that ravaged the hills of Calabasas that prompted large-scale evacuations and burned more than 500 acres. The good news is the fire was contained within 48 hours and no major incidents have been reported. Hundreds of firefighters fought the fast-moving fire and were successful in part because of favorable weather conditions.

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