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They are Real. They are Frightening: Ransomware Attacks 2016

In April 2016, the FBI released a startling warning. In just the first three months of the year, cyber-criminals had already used ransomware to collect $209 million. This put ransomware on pace to become a $1 billion-a-year crime. But despite these eye-popping figures, countless organizations remained unprotected, resulting in some of the worst ransomware attacks of 2016—and indeed some of the worst in history.

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2017 Business Continuity Trends You Need To Watch

In 2016, we saw how business continuity trends can rapidly evolve as various threats take center stage. 2017 will undoubtedly bring more of the same disaster scenarios, both natural and manmade. And there will likely be a few surprises along the way. To be prepared, businesses must constantly adapt their disaster recovery plan as new threats emerge.

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How to achieve ransomware protection in 3 steps

Many say ransomware protection isn’t possible. However, we politely disagree. While ransomware prevention is still an allusive dream, protection and prevention are not synonymous. It is very possible to protect a business from ransomware and keep it operational, even in the event of an attack. Just follow these three steps.

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Inside a Sample Company Business Recovery Plan

The fundamental goal of any business continuity plan document is to: 1) identify the business impact of a disaster scenario, and 2) outline the procedures for both prevention and recovery. But what exactly does that document look like? We’ve created this company business recovery plan template to help you get started.

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The Ying to its Yang: Cybersecurity and Business Continuity

Cybersecurity. It’s in the news nearly every day. Actually, it is in the news every day. Whether it is a opportunistic criminal, a technologically advanced tween or the Russians, someone is coming for you. And, they will make you pay for your vulnerability. There is no doubt that cybersecurity is important and needs to be talked about. More needs to be done to provide businesses with methods to secure their infrastructure and client data. However, cybersecurity isn’t the only buzz-worthy term that should be finding its way into the news. Why isn’t the world talking about business continuity? Cybersecurity and business continuity are two terms that are inextricably linked, yet one remains in the shadows.

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The Dangers of Not Using Offsite Disaster Recovery

It’s no secret that backing up your data is essential to surviving an IT disaster. But it’s only one part of the picture. How and where you perform those backups is just as important as having the backups in the first place. If you’re not using offsite disaster recovery to store and restore your data, then you’re putting your organization at risk.

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2016 Disaster recovery statistics that will give you pause

With the height of the winter rapidly approaching in NewYork City, we are seeing many business owners scramble to re-assess and secure protection for their data and infrastructure. Businesses know that downtime is something they cannot afford, especially during the busy holiday season. That said, the fourth quarter tends to be very busy for us. If you are reading this and not taking the necessary steps to safeguard your business, keep reading. Here are 10 of our favorite 2016 disaster recovery statistics.

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What to Include in Your Disaster Continuity Plan

You’ve probably heard that knowledge means nothing if the person doesn’t apply it to their everyday life. Believe it or not, the same can be said for having a disaster continuity plan. Many businesses know just how important it is to be prepared, but the problem is that they’re not using their knowledge effectively. Most business disasters are unique, and it’s important that each one’s handled differently. For example, you wouldn’t deal with a power outage the same way you would handle a natural disaster. The former might cause a loss of data, but the latter could actually impact or even destroy the building itself. When creating a disaster continuity plan, what should you keep in mind?

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6-Point Bank Business Continuity Plan Checklist

In the finance industry, disasters are especially dangerous. Disruptions to a single bank’s operations have the power to tarnish the brand and disrupt entire markets. Data losses can compromise the financial information of thousands of customers. To avert these scenarios, a bank business continuity plan must account for every disaster possible, along with the proper protocols.

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The Right Disaster Recovery RTO Is Crucial For Your Business

As a small business owner or manager, you realize that downtime is measured not just in hours and days, but also in lost revenue and lost opportunities. That’s why when a disaster of some kind hits your company and your operations are down, your primary concern (after the safety of employees and any others who might be affected) will be the question: when can we be up and running again? The answer to that question will depend, in large part, on how quickly you planned to be able to resume operations after a disruption. That’s why your disaster recovery plan (DRP) should be based on a disaster recovery RTO that is appropriate for your particular business functions and IT infrastructure.

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Can’t Have Downtime? Use this Manufacturing Disaster Recovery Plan Template

When disaster strikes a manufacturing operation, production comes screeching to a halt. And with every minute of downtime that goes by, you lose more money. To help you prepare for the unexpected, we’ve put together this Manufacturing Disaster Recovery Plan Template, which outlines the organizational steps you’ll need to take, both before and after an emergency occurs.

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The 3 Critical Aspects of Email Disaster Recovery

Email is important to any business, and it’s never more important than when things go badly wrong. Customers and partners want to know what the situation is and how soon things will be back to normal.

A disaster recovery plan needs to set priorities for restoring service. Email needs to be near the top of the list, so that communication isn’t disrupted any longer than necessary. Email disaster recovery has three aspects that you need to know.

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Important: The Scope Of A Business Continuity Plan

You’ve worked hard to build up your business, and it’s growing. The future looks bright. Then you get the news every small business owner or manager dreads – there’s been a fire, or a flood, or perhaps a tornado, or even an earthquake. Whatever the reason, your place of business has been rendered unusable, and for the moment at least, your entire operation has come to a halt. You need to know what makes up a killer business continuity plan.

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Get the inside scoop: Datto vs Unitrends

Two of the most popular services in the hybrid cloud data backup and disaster recovery industry are Datto and Unitrends. A hybrid cloud service is a professional data backup and disaster recovery entity that provides backup services on both hardware and cloud platforms. This allows people to have the convenience of a hardware backup with the security of the virtual cloud. Because there are numerous options for data backup and disaster recovery, business leaders need to consider the qualities of every service before making a decision. Some of the details of Datto vs Unitrends are summarized here.

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