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5 Important Tips for an Offsite Data Storage Service

The days of keeping confidential business information locked in a metal filing cabinet are gone. Most businesses have most everything, from personnel files to client information and financial information, stored on their personal computers or computer network. What happens when your company runs out of storage space? Or, worse yet, what if your computer information is attacked by a virus, stolen, or damaged by a flood? Would you be able to quickly recover all of your important information and keep your company running smoothly?

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Staying HIPAA Compliant with Online Data Storage is Important

Keeping patient records secure and private is the concern of every hospital and health care provider, but they are often overwhelmed with years and years of patient information and the lack of adequate storage space. Destroying these health records in order to make room for more storage is often not an option. Patients want access to all of their health care records, and physicians need them in order to better diagnose patients. Online data storage is a way to satisfy all of these issues. Using online storage for these records allows easier access for patients, and offers easier sharing of patient information from hospital to physician, as well as from physician to physician. Storing health records online isn’t, however, without security concerns. Patients, hospitals, and physicians want assurance that these confidential records will remain safe, private, and secure, and will only be accessed by those authorized to do so.

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How to Recover Lost Computer Files Inexpensively and Easily

We maintain our computers similarly to how we maintain our own health – rarely do we take the time to learn about preventing health complications, and instead work to repair our health once we’ve become ill! We take care of our computers the same way, in that we rarely think about the safety or well-being of our data until something happens that leads to data loss or corruption.

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3 Ways to Know if Google Apps are Right For Your Business

Like most people these days, you’re hearing a lot of buzz about Google apps and wondering to yourself, “Is Google apps right for my business?” There is no right or wrong answer and there is no easy answer. Each case is different, but what you have to do is either work with an IT consultant or go through a step by step process and determine for yourself. Unfortunately there isn’t a 1800 # to call for Google, so you’re on your own, or need to turn to an IT consultant.

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