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Recover Backups Instantly with Hybrid Cloud Virtualization

Hybrid cloud virtualization is changing the way we think about data recovery. In the old days, you had limited options for recovering data after a major disaster. A full restore could take hours or even days—and frankly, it still can. But thankfully, faster cloud computing has ushered in new recovery options that can virtually eliminate your operational downtime.

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How to Avoid Data Loss from Natural Disaster

All the big headlines go to ransomware these days, but there’s another threat that remains one of the top causes of data loss: natural disasters. Rain, flooding, fire, earthquakes – the list of threats goes on and on. And when they strike, they pose a serious risk to your IT infrastructure, especially your data.

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SMB ransomware: 1 in 5 small businesses forced to halt operations

Over the past year, we’ve witnessed some of the biggest global companies get hobbled by ransomware: FedEx, Boeing, Merck, Maersk and Mondelez International, just to name a few. The financial losses from these attacks have been staggering. $300 million for FedEx alone. $310 million for Merck. With figures like those, it’s easy to assume that ransomware is mostly a “big business” problem. But in fact, the opposite is true.

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2017-2018 Ransomware Statistics: 14 Trends to Watch  

The latest ransomware statistics reveal some encouraging signs that attacks are slowing down a bit. But it’s not time to let your guard down.

The 2017 WannaCry and NotPetya attacks were a wakeup call to businesses around the globe. But while some industries have made great strides toward improving their defenses, countless others remain unprotected.

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