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It’s impressive how the Datto SIRIS verifies each backup

Are you backing up your data? Do you know if your backups were successful and can be restored? Backing up is a great first start, but it is just that — a start. As we stress to every client, prospect and person we chat to, the key to a successful backup and recovery strategy is in the recovery. Without a recovery of your data, the whole process is a waste of time and effort.

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Datto SIRIS Makes Backup and Recovery For Small Business Easy

Far too often busy business owners have good intentions — to backup the data which is the lifeblood of their business. They understand how important backing up their business data is to their long term success, yet it’s astonishing many fail to do so. In my conversations with many small business owners, I’ve heard a few common threads. One is they don’t have the technical skills, not sure which backup solution to deploy, they believe data loss will never happen to them, but by far the most common is they tried backup systems that are too cumbersome and not easy to understand.

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Small Business Backup Solution is Important to Disaster Recovery

The arrival of hurricane, fire or flood is no time to find out if your small business backup solution is adequate. Unfortunately many small businesses use a USB flash drive or a portable hard disk drive to store backup information and these devices are easily damaged or lost. They are also not designed for long term storage. A small business backup solution should be designed to ensure the business is able to quickly recover from any disaster that might strike.

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11 easy steps to exchange mailbox and message level restore for Datto SIRIS

Datto SIRIS helps administrators manage an organization’s email challenges by making email recovery a fast, easy process. Recover lost, deleted emails and mailboxes without running your Exchange server. Use any previous backup to easily restore individual mailbox items directly to your production server or PST file. Whether you need to recover a single, specific email message, perform a mailbox recovery, Datto SIRIS is up to the task.

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3 Tips to Get Managed IT Support For Your Business Today

You might have a passion for cooking, knack for fashion or be a real estate mogul in the making. Wherever your dreams and entrepreneurial spirit take you, you’ll quickly learn you can’t do it all. . .not only because things like databases and financial systems will be out of your comfort zone, but also likely beyond your capability.

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Understanding Backup Hard Drives Made Easy (size, speed and interface)

Let’s face the facts. If you’re a computer user, (and if you’re reading this, I’m going to assume that you are), there will come a time when you have to replace a hard drive. More than likely, if you’re on this blog, you’re considering hard drives for Backup and Disaster Recovery purposes. Whatever the reason may be, you need a good understanding backup hard drives. The most important things to understand with hard drives are drive size, drive speed and interface.

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10 SonicWall hacks guaranteed to save time and money

As some of you may know, we began our venture into data protection in 2003 with our SonicWALL partnership. We developed and delivered training programs that educated resellers and major clients in over 30 markets across North America. And, here are some of our favorite SonicWall hacks that we thought you would enjoy.

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