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Cloud Computing is Good, But Hybrid Cloud Computing is Best

Shopping through the aisles of the internet for help with your company’s data recovery options and cloud computing needs, can feel a little like being an ant in a Super Walmart. However, that’s no longer necessary as hybrid cloud computing has proven to be the way to go. Remember, running a small business shouldn’t have to mean running an inadequate one. Just because a company is operating on a smaller scale with limited resources, doesn’t mean it can’t enjoy the privileges and luxuries like the big guns in the game.

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FBI investigates new strain of ransomware wreaking havoc

According to Reuters, the FBI is seeking help from US firms as it investigates a new strain of ransomware. In case you haven’t been tuning into the news, cyber crime is at an all-time high. Ransomware is just one of the hot trends to wreak havoc. The premise behind the malware is simple; it encrypts data on infected machines and then asks for money before restoring access to information.

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Malware and iOS? No one is ever safe from disaster.

Yes, you have read correctly. Malware and iOS are getting to know one another. Thanks to Apple’s superior app vetting process, the ever-popular iPhones have been nearly impossible to penetrate in the past. That said, the security company Palo Alto Networks announced it found a Trojan that exploits flaws in Apple’s DRM, which has been coined as “AceDeceiver.”

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4 Reasons to Care about BCDR if you’re a successful CEO

As a proactive CEO, you know that implementing a solid business continuity and disaster recovery plan, also referred to as BCDR, is essential for your business. After all, why would anyone in your esteemed position ever put a business at risk to downtime or data loss when prevention is so easy? While some negligent CEOs fail to give BCDR the proper attention it deserves, we’re not worried about you. But if anyone asks, here are four critical reasons that you, the CEO, care about business continuity and disaster recovery.

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