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The truth about the new Datto and TCV partnership

Let me start off by saying we love Datto. We really, truly do. We love the technology, the people, its culture and their commitment to lead in the evolving market of business continuity. That said, today it was announced that Datto raised $75 million in a Series B investment round led by Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV), a leading provider of capital to growth-stage private and public companies in the technology industry. According to Datto founder and CEO, Austin McChord, a TCV partnership will bring experience and expertise that will help Datto continue to be at the forefront of innovation as well as grow both domestically and abroad.

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Eliminate downtime like a pro with cloud VPS

A cloud VPS provides you with full control over the operating system of your service. You can not only install and configure the OS of your choice, you can install the applications you need as well. A cloud VPS is the ideal choice for businesses that need guaranteed hardware and performance. If you have outgrown shared servers, a cloud VPS guarantees RAM, hard drive space and processing power. It is essentially a server that has been shared among several clients, with each client having their own guaranteed hardware on the server. A cloud VPS is the only way to run a unique OS and have full administrative access without renting an entire server.

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DattoCon 16 is going to be epic . . . just 232 days to go!

After an incredibly informative, productive and fun DattoCon last June in New Orleans, I was wondering how, will or even can the 2016 conference compare? As a quick recap, there was huge product news like the launch of the image-based Linux Agent, Office 365 backup as well as the announcement of the ownCloud partnership and last, but certainly not least, the exciting DNA router that miraculously eliminates downtime, even when the other technology around you fails (learn more about the Datto DNA). And, as the cherry on the sundae, we were escorted down the streets of New Orleans to our VIP party by a full-on marching band (see pics below). From what I remember, it was a very good time 😉

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Understanding the role of bandwidth is critically important

There are many things to consider, when determining the proper bandwidth. For example, when backing up your data, it is important to keep in mind the transfer rate at which the data is being saved to your backup device. Even if you have a device with plenty of storage space, your data won’t transfer quickly unless your bandwidth is set to the appropriate transfer rate.

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4 Reasons Hybrid Cloud Server Backup is Needed for Business

Today’s businesses require a backup solution that delivers much more than a traditional, local-only strategy. Given the constant risks to its data, from all directions, it’s important for businesses to ensure 1) that their data is protected and 2) they can remain operational in lieu of a system disruption. That’s where a hybrid cloud server backup solution comes in.

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The Hillary Clinton email scandal and her fatal flaws

As you likely already know, the Hillary Clinton email fire is now a blazin’. Just when we thought things may pass, we learn the FBI investigation has expanded to include another tech company. And, not just any tech company, but the leader in backup and disaster recovery, the company that doesn’t believe in downed servers or lost data (or email files, for that matter)—Datto Inc.

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