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A Guide to Disaster Management for Small Businesses

Fire, flooding, ransomware – disasters can strike at any moment, in many different forms. When companies aren’t prepared, their operations come to a screeching halt—and in many cases, they never recover. By implementing a comprehensive disaster management plan, your organization can help reduce the risk of disasters and recover quickly when they do occur.

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Start Your Disaster Planning with this Business Continuity Plan Template

Preparing for disaster is one of the best things a business can do to avoid downtime when disruptive events occur. But for smaller companies, it’s not always clear how to approach that planning.

We’ve created this business continuity plan template to guide you in creating the single most important resource in your disaster-planning toolbox: the business continuity plan (BCP).

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The Critical Role of Backupify in Your BC/DR Planning

When it comes to backing up your critical data, your SaaS applications cannot be an afterthought. With 3 out of 4 companies saying they expect to run almost entirely on SaaS by 2020, it’s vital that the data within these applications is protected against the risk of disaster (just as your on-site data should be). That is the role of Backupify.

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What is Cryptojacking? A Bigger Threat than You Think – Here’s Why

One of the most intriguing cybersecurity trends of the last year has been the sudden decline in ransomware. The file-encrypting attacks have accounted for only 5% of malware payloads in recent months, down from 60% in early 2017. That’s a huge shift in direction for hackers. But just as quickly as ransomware has declined, a new threat has skyrocketed: cryptojacking.

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5 Ways Human Error Can Destroy Your Business

Investing in cybersecurity technology is critical for every business. From anti-malware to data backup, these systems are essential for surviving cyberattacks and keeping your business running. But unfortunately, even the most iron-clad defenses aren’t 100% fool-proof. Often, the worst cybersecurity breaches are caused by little more than human error. 

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7 tips for a faster cloud recovery (of your data)

Warning: Ransomware has infected your server and your operations have come to a screeching halt. What do you do? To prevent the staggering costs of downtime, you need to be able to recover your data as rapidly as possible. But depending on what kind of data backup system you’re using, this might not be as easy as it sounds.

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Recover Backups Instantly with Hybrid Cloud Virtualization

Hybrid cloud virtualization is changing the way we think about data recovery. In the old days, you had limited options for recovering data after a major disaster. A full restore could take hours or even days—and frankly, it still can. But thankfully, faster cloud computing has ushered in new recovery options that can virtually eliminate your operational downtime.

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