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Datto Open Mesh: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

One of the more exciting news stories in business continuity this year was the announcement of the Datto Open Mesh acquisition. The merger was widely hailed as a brilliant move that would benefit both Datto’s and Open Mesh’s huge customer bases around the world, as well as the managed service providers (MSPs) that serve them.

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Who is the US Cybersecurity Operations Team? And, what do they do?

Who exactly makes up the Unites States Cybersecurity Operations Team? And, what do they do? For most, it has been as murky as the cybercrime itself. In a time when everyone is at risk of being the target of a cybercrime, it is important to understand the system and know where to turn for help. That said, here is everything you need to know about who is doing what on the US Cybersecurity team.

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Defend Against Disruptive Events with BCM ISO Standard Cheat Sheet!

When noodles are the core of your business, guess what happens when something disrupts your noodles? A Singapore-based noodle manufacturer didn’t want to find out. To prevent a potential catastrophe, the company adopted business continuity management standards from the International Organization for Standardization (BCM ISO Standard 22301) – and it literally saved their business.

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9 Crazy Myths about Corporate Data Backup

In May, we stumbled across a great article at ZDNet titled, “Ransomware is now so awful it’s actually making us take security seriously.” The upshot was this: ransomware’s destruction comes with a silver lining. It’s so bad that it’s finally forcing organizations to invest more in their corporate data backup systems.

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‘Help!’ How to Get the Best Datto Tech Support 24/7/365

When something goes wrong with your BCDR systems, you need to get help ASAP. If your in-house teams are unable to resolve the problems themselves, it’s critical that they have access to knowledgeable support technicians, regardless of the time of day. Thankfully, Datto Tech Support is available 24/7/365 to you and the MSPs that manage your business continuity technologies.

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6-Second Recovery with Datto Hybrid Virtualization

All the Windows machines are locked up with ransomware. Manufacturing operations have grinded to a halt. Huge problem, because a big order is scheduled to go out the next morning. But you’ve got it under control. You can restore the backups from your home computer and even virtualize the company’s manufacturing applications from the cloud, all while barely getting out of bed. Everything is up and running again in a matter of seconds. That’s the power of Datto Hybrid Virtualization.

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A Simple Business Continuity Framework Can Save Your Company

Why is it that the NotPetya ransomware attack left pharmaceutical giant Merck crippled for days, while companies like GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer didn’t even blink? How did Russia’s central bank restore their operations so quickly, while other companies remained stuck for a week? Is it pure luck? Nope. More likely, the companies that responded fastest—or remained impenetrable to the attack—relied on a solid business continuity framework that safeguarded their computer systems and minimized downtime.

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Key Criteria for Selecting Business Continuity Solutions

U.S. companies haven’t had a good track record when it comes to recovering from losses of data or IT services. Data from the National Archives reports that six out of ten companies shut down within six months after a major data loss. Nine out of ten companies have had to file for bankruptcy within a year after losing their processing power for ten days or more. These real-word statistics underscore the need for carefully selecting business continuity solutions.

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Read this Before You Hire Business Continuity Consultants

How do know your company will survive a major data loss? Realistically, how much downtime could the business endure before recovery became next to impossible? What are the exact failsafes you need to implement to avert a total meltdown? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then it’s probably time to speak to some experienced business continuity consultants ASAP.

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Bolstering Backups: Should You Install A Datto Agent?

When it comes to making reliable, accessible backup copies of your data, Datto can’t be beat. The disaster recovery company helps organizations in any industry respond quickly to ransomware, hardware destruction, and other information-based threats. Datto is notable for offering some of the most flexible recovery software on the market. Its flagship product, SIRIS 3, for example, works seamlessly with both agent and agentless systems. Nonetheless, whether you have an agent can still impact your efficiency and backup capabilities. Here are a few points to consider when determining if you should run agent or agentless.

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